February 7, 2023

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20 hours in Antigua without water or food.

She returned with an angry post Elizabeth Harleyme on social media.

the reason; The former supermodel is one of the passengers who chose to fly with the airline British Airwayswhose flights were long delayed, causing an atmosphere of equally great annoyance.

Harley complains that her flight from Antigua has been delayed by 20 hours.

As she wrote on social media, she wanted to go back to Britain for the holidays, but her trip, like dozens of others from the US who made stops on Caribbean islands, didn’t happen.

She had to stay for 12 hours at Antigua airport and accused the airline of leaving her and other passengers waiting.”without food and water.”.

First, the 57-year-old actress tweeted: “Isolated in Antigua airport, with no water, food, taxi or hotel available for us yet. Flight delayed 20 hours.”

He later returns with a new position. “Still nothing from British Airways. Amazing service! Finally, we were able to find a taxi and leave the airport after 12 hours without food and water.” she wrote, discouraging her followers from traveling with this company.

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