August 9, 2022

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20 years later, Schaerbeek residents remember it

20 years later, Schaerbeek residents remember it

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May 6, 2022 – 8:40 pm – World – By: SA

In Schaerbeek, the murder of Moroccan couple Habiba El Hajji (45 years old) and Esnasni Ahmed (47 years old) in their apartment on May 7, 2002 by a far-right sympathizer remains a mark in the lives of Vander Londoners. Twenty years later, they remember this tragedy.

White blankets were raised along its facade, at a rally on Thursday, May 5th… Residents of Vanderlinden Street remember the shooting death of a right-wing sympathizer of the Moroccan couple Habiba El Hadji and Isnasni Ahmed on May 7, 2002. The anti-racist side that put the flag. The whole street was shaken by what happened at that moment,” he explains A neighbor. “Our son was riding his bike home when he was shooting. One of the older brothers came here… the fire and the firefighters couldn’t intervene until we made sure that the killer was defenseless,” another recalls.

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Since the end of last October, the Habiba Ahmed Foundation has been the main headquarters of the Drama Venue, at 121 Vanderlinden Street in Schaerbeek. It’s a matter of “understanding the scale of such a misfortune,” explains Kenza Esnasni, the Moroccan couple’s eldest daughter. His wish is to change the name of part of Vanderlinden Street to Habiba Ahmed Street. It is a request I repeated last May.

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