February 6, 2023

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23.01.2023- Verse: Their time is coming, because the Alif is coming (the intelligible)

  • Last week it was all…

New highs in stocks and the index, a correction and a violent reaction, while the rally in US indices on Friday was impressive discounting better days.

  • In more detail now about the stocks we are following:-

PPC: Some may have been in a hurry to take profits and left. Stronger selling on the last day of the week, closing with a strong bid. Perhaps due diligence will be completed sooner for the deal with ENEL.


MYTIL: Our favorite Unstoppable title. Results are coming and the market is moving forward. They will show that 2022 was an important year for the company.


Banks: In all bank stocks…

  • Piraeus and Alpha gather all the merchants
  • While Eurobank and NGE are steadily conquering new heights.
  • Here, the alpha lag makes us give it a head start for a more aggressive move.


GEC: Now it will monopolize interest, because its offshoot will welcome us. Big stakes now, I quit.


energy: It will take the place of TENERGY as an official favourite. The €80 million investment program to expand its facilities will double its production

  • While only by 2030 our country will spend 200 billion on green energy.


Sarantis: It covers the previous year’s losses with characteristic ease.


FRLK: In the end, 3.60 turned out to be a stronger resistance than we thought. Procedural issue is only moving towards 3.88 anymore.


Born: The scenarios he heard on Friday have yet to be confirmed, but they have surprised even his loyal fans.

  • Admittedly, we were blown away, too. Continuation on the board is awaited with interest.
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OTE, EEE, VIOHALCO, OPAP: FTSE25 papers that are far from being of special interest at the moment.

  • They keep it when it’s time to split 1,000 units.
  • It’s their time, because a thousand are coming…

good week,


  • The above expresses personal opinions and does not in any way constitute an invitation to buy, sell or hold any securities.