November 30, 2022

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32-year-old grandmother! – Her daughter got pregnant at the age of fourteen (video)

A woman posted on TikTok for her personal life, who is only 32 years old, but not only has a child but also became a grandmother for the first time, broke down in tears when she learned of her granddaughter’s arrival.

According to, 14-year-old Brooke took a pregnancy test and found out she was expecting a baby, so she broke the news to her mum.

Then I burst into tears and hugged her and thanked her for making her a grandmother, especially at such a young age.

In fact, as the young woman revealed in a series of videos, her mother has been supporting her ever since “She likes to buy baby things. He accepted the truth.”. At the same time, she just started living with her boyfriend, with whom she had a baby.

Thus, the reactions, under the girl’s videos, “rained”, with many users asking to know more details about this particular case. “How many years separate you two” and “Are you sure it’s a true story?” , were just a few typical reactions.

“She was 32 and I was 14 when I got pregnant…so we were 19 years apart”The girl replied, with many unable to believe the truth.

“Your mother became a grandmother of my mother’s pregnancy age for the first time”One user commented, wishing the young mother a lot of luck.

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