February 5, 2023

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4 Steps to Simplify Procedures for VAT Returns and Changes to Business Details

Greek Republic
Athens, October 10 2022
press release

4 Steps to Simplify Procedures for VAT Returns and Changes to Business Details

By order of the Governor of AADE, Mr. Giorgos Petsilis (A.1134 / 2022), the procedure for submitting Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and changes to business details is simplified as follows:

1. Changes made to business details and internal organization details included in the myAADE digital portal (Registry and Contact / Changes in Record Details) from 17.10.2022 onwards are sent exclusively through the myAADE digital portal (myaade.gov.gr).

2. Announcements and supporting documents for all registration procedures included in the “My Apps” application of the myAADE digital portal, from 01.11.2022 onwards are provided exclusively through this application.
For the above two cases, relevant statements and requests will not be submitted by visiting the DOU.

3. It is now possible to issue a Payer Identification Number (TIN) to a natural person from any DOU, regardless of their residential address or that of their authorized representative.

4. According to what is stated in Lawyers Law (n. 4194/2013), is not required to provide an authorization, in cases of transactions for issues of registry changes or granting a VAT number with an attorney-at-law on behalf of his client.

See Resolution 1134/2022 in the node tax file

As well as the encoder POL.1006 / 31 2012-2013

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