May 22, 2022

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41-year-old Dico beat Kovit-19 at the hospital after 165 days

Since October 2021, Richard has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Max Perralda Hospital in Costa Rica, in this life-threatening condition, which causes significant changes in gas exchange at the lung level.

Saúl Rodríguez, one of the hospital’s intensive care physicians, commented that lung function was completely impaired (it loses its ability to convert gases) and that extra corporal support devices were needed to oxidize it, remove carbon dioxide, and maintain vital functions. .

Lung damage was like that, Rodriguez recalled, even when the mechanical ventilator is turned off, the patient develops pneumothorax, which is a complication that requires surgical intervention with the support of surgeons from Calderon Cardia Hospital. Capital.

Richard recalled that he had a Covit-19 infection last October, and several days later, with rebellion and a very low oxygen concentration, he decided to go to the aforementioned hospital and was admitted to the hospital, where the family believed it was mild. , Because he was healthy, the stay lasted longer.

According to Rodriguez, this was one of the most serious cases because he needed ‘upper’ care, i.e. he needed to be placed in an extracorporeal support machine even if he needed services and chest surgery outside the hospital. And intensive care of Calderon Cardia.

After surgery, he continued, Richard had to spend 40 days in the rehabilitation process, nutritional support and respiratory therapy before being separated from the mechanical ventilator.

“He had the intention to breathe on his own again, but it was a gradual and slow process because in such severe diseases muscle mass is lost and the process becomes difficult due to lack of body alignment,” the doctor explained.

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Richard’s wife, Viviana, described the excellent care his wife received in the ICU, which he described as “the culture of the greatest glamor”, and confirmed to the staff at the service that they were very special and that they probably did not. Realize it, but by their actions they make the place very different from what one can imagine.

The resident of Tres Ríos graduated from Max Peralta last April 5th, and today he is recovering next to his wife and two children, who are greatly motivated to face a critical stage in their rehabilitation, CCSS praised Costa Rica for its public health responsibility. .

Rodriguez did not hide his emotion at seeing this fact, and assured many from Max Perlda, as well as colleagues at Calderon Cardia Hospital in all departments, that it was very satisfying to see him leave such an intensive care unit. And has returned home.

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