December 3, 2022

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5 yoga exercises that are perfect for lower back pain

It has been found that yoga can relieve chronic lower back pain and strengthen the spinal muscles. These five extensions may also help you.

Low back pain – and even chronic pain – appears One of the most common pain of modern life and one of the most likely reasons for to miss work.

The conclusion reached by experts is that the main culprit is sedentary lifestyle. The absence of normal body movement and poor posture for several hours in an office chair “shorten” the muscles that support the spine. They are gradually atrophied, and they are no longer able to function supportively. Thus, a sudden movement can cause an untrained, “short” and unoccupied muscle to contract easily, causing pain.

Is there a cure for lower back pain?

Experts are constantly looking for new treatment methods, as existing methods do not provide lasting relief, and are often ineffective. one of interest A new treatment approach Which treats chronic low back pain as a disorder of the nervous system.

There are many types of gymnastics that aim with a specific exercise program to relieve these pains and build a strong muscle group that properly supports the spine so that injuries do not occur every three times or so, the most common type is pilates.

However, it is also yoga that promises relief, through the repeated practice of certain asanas that are actually intended to do so Strengthening the muscles by stretching them. In other words, precise and directed stretching is the recipe that yoga uses.

Yoga benefits

Since stress is considered a major cause of muscle tension, it has been found that yoga Helps relieve muscle cramps And through her other techniques thanks to which the body trains stress management.

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a David Overholt, a well-known yoga instructor and wellness coach from his YouTube channel, suggests 5 stretching poses to relieve chronic lower back pain. However, do not try it if you have a flare-up and without the approval of the professional who is watching you.

Stretch #1

Bring a rug perpendicular to the wall and sit with the side of your torso facing the wall. From this position, raise the legs up the wall and tighten them, while at the same time lying on the mattress, so that the legs and torso are formed right angle. stay like this for a while 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

If the pull you feel causes discomfort in your lower back, place an assistive device (folded rug or thin pillow) between your pelvis and the floor as close to the wall as possible so that your spine rests firmly on the floor.

Yoga and lower back pain

In the second stage, fasten the soles together and bend the knees so that they open outward. The sole must rest against the wallWith your feet close to the pelvis. Stay in the position where you feel the pull without pain for 30 seconds to two minutes.

Stretch #2

After bringing your body at a right angle to the wall, as in the photo above, bend one knee to the side and place your foot over the other knee. Keep the other leg straight against the wall.

Yoga and lower back pain

Gradually bend the wall leg as well, making it knee in chest (Pressing the foot against the wall) and gently pressing the foot resting on it. Stay in the position that suits you for a maximum of two minutes. You can also use the mat here.

Yoga and lower back pain

Stretch #3

On the mattress perpendicular to the wall, lay a rug next to the wall, on which you will rest with one knee bent. Carefully bring the soles of your bent knee to a wall with your torso supported on the other bent leg on the mat. The situation reminds her runner step.

Yoga and lower back pain

Press your torso toward the foot on the floor. Adjust the intensity of the stretch across the leg resting against the wall. You must feel it Thigh muscle pull Which is just as important for your waistline, as weird as it sounds.

Yoga and lower back pain

Stretch #4

Lie on the mattress with your legs bent and the soles of your feet flat on the floor in a comfortable position. Raise your pelvis so that your spine is in line with your thighs, not higher Do not bend.

Yoga and lower back pain

Hold for 10 seconds, lower the pelvis to the mat and rest for 10. Repeat 10 times, raising the pelvis in this way.

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Stretch #5

Lie on the mat, press the soles of the feet into the floor and bring the bent knees together. With gentle movements, open the right leg to the right and let the left “fall” inward and switch sides. The movement should be natural, the spine should not form a large arc with the floor and the lateral muscles of the lower back should be gently twisted.

Yoga and lower back pain

After you do Alternative 10 such “turns”Spread your hands on the floor and place the left ankle above the right knee. Let the right leg fall to the side, while gently pressing it with the left. Stay for 30 seconds to two minutes.

In the next video, watch the stretching exercises in detail, as well as the muscles they work out.