May 30, 2023

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A high school philosophy teacher has been arrested with 9,507 records related to child pornography

Proceedings of official criminal proceedings against a person Internet child pornography Developed by the Deputy Directorate Electronic crime case Northern Greece of Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate.

In particular, it was identified after months of in-depth online research and analysis of digital data, in the context of measures to combat child pornography and during the operation codenamed “UNCOVER II”. A user who possessed child sexual abuse files suitable for distributionWhen disputed electronic traces are located.

The above was brought to the attention of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office A suitable will is issued to declassify communications. From the subsequent preliminary police investigation and corresponding correspondence with the concerned Internet Service Providers, details of the person emerged, while his residence was also ascertained.

Subsequently, the relevant case file was sent to the Electronic Criminal Prosecution Deputy Director of Northern Greece, where the police officers went. A search of the person’s home Thessaloniki.

As research shows, it is the same A 56-year-old philosopher at the Thessaloniki High SchoolWho “downloaded” and Thousands of files containing child pornography are readily available for distribution. Prof He is divorced and father of grown children He was also living with another woman.

On investigation, it was revealed that he was involved in the case Three hard drives with 9,507 stored child pornography files were found and seized.

The digital evidence has been sent to the relevant department of the Criminal Investigation Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece for further laboratory analysis.

The arrested person with a case registered against him is taken to the competent prosecuting officer and sent to the investigating officer for substantive investigation. After he apologized to the 10 regular investigator of Thessalonica, He was released on parole.

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A reminder that citizens can contact the Directorate of Electronic Crime Prosecution anonymously or by name to provide information or report illegal or fraudulent acts or activities carried out on the Internet at the following contact details:

  • Phone: 11188
  • By sending an email to: [email protected]
  • Via Twitter: @CyberAlertGR
  • Through the portal of the Hellenic Police ( )
  • Through an app for smart phones: CYBERKID

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