December 4, 2022

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A mistake by Picatoro, a lot of mistakes

Changes in mega. The Maria Picatoro And the “stalking” Now it will become weekday and will also be shown every Saturday and Sunday at 18.30. right Now “the roots” From Thanasis Efthimiadis is out of the program until the new day and time of their show. And to prevent bad rumors the show was not cut short.

As I learned exclusively from “Our Breakfast”, “All Stars Survivor” The premiere will start on January 8, 2023 and not before Christmas. New Year’s Eve unexpectedly ends “Just the two of us”. Until then we will see a lot and hear more. I’m a little tired of endless wedding “Samos”. We waited for him for a year, but we said… Shall we wait for another year? Let the people go home, Matthews and Vasiliki.


Ten days later, they say goodbye ‘False rumor’ and come again “millionaire”. Ideally, both should be on the ANT1 table.

The action was lost on television and social networks. Rules, respect, sensitive attitudes, dignity, good Greek, and good intentions were abolished. Everything is in the air. For our excessive “I”. Our image and our position. Everything on TV is selfish. It’s all about TV personalities. Where, in order to make a big fuss, they stomp on everything and paint the TV curtains ‘the color you hate: ‘yellow’… Needless to say more.

attacks Nikos Musinas in Eleonora Meletti On the occasion of the comment of the presenter’s colleagues on the interview of Tasos Sofronio. I’m still trying to figure out what Nikos means by this phrase “When the original is on the air, copy-paste is not cool”. Will there be an answer from “Mega Good Morning”?

Glomex operator (eexbs1jkdkewvzn, v-co8e5duolag9)

Quiz and good night. Who is coming to the ‘Survivor All Star’ that we don’t expect?

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