October 1, 2023

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A new moon of Earth has been discovered (video)

A new moon of Earth has been discovered (video)

It’s called 2023 FW13, and it’s a small asteroid that the Earth-based PanSTARRS telescope spotted a few weeks ago as it moved into our region of space in a region closer to the Sun. Scientists are not yet sure of its size, but they estimate that it is no more than 15 meters in diameter. However, it was found that this asteroid is in orbit around the Earth and belongs to the category of the so-called “half-moons” of the Earth.

These are space rocks whose orbital motion pushes them to points close to Earth and either the gravitational forces of our planet or the Earth’s gravitational interactions with the Sun, as in this case, force them to orbit our planet for some time.

Early studies of 2023 FW13 show that it turned into Earth’s moon about 2,100 years ago and will remain in a satellite relationship with our planet for another 1,500 years before breaking free of its gravitational bonds and continuing its eternal journey through our solar system. According to the experts who studied it, the 2023 FW13 poses no danger to Earth.


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