March 31, 2023

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A new rally for Tempi on Sunday at Syntagma

ADEDY and PAME have called for demonstrations – hospital doctors are also on the streets.

Thousands of citizens are expected to take to the streets and protest on Sunday as well TempehWith the basic demand that there should be no cover-up in the railway tragedy and that all those responsible should be brought to justice.

Invitations have been issued to participate in the new rally ADEDY. “The tragic “crime” event in Tempi, the massive rallies and marches across the country on March 8, costing the lives of 57 of our fellow citizens, most of them young children, is a message to continue the struggle. This crime will not be hidden,” he said in his statement.

A call to mobilization was also addressed let’s go Sunday at 12:00. “We demand the life we ​​deserve, a life with modern rights based on our time, a better future for us and our children,” he notes.

Doctors from Athens and Piraeus hospitals will also participate in Sunday’s rally.

Similar mobilizations will take place in other cities, as was the case with the nationwide strike last Wednesday, March 8.

GSEE and ADEDY pan-Hellenic strike on Thursday, March 16 for Tempi

A Hellenic industrial strike was announced on Thursday, March 16 GSEE and ADEDY in the context of mobilizations for the tragedy in Tempe.

The decision to strike was taken unanimously during GSEE’s 38th convention. In its resolution, the Federation states, “No penalty” and accepts the framework of the Panhellenic Railway Federation’s demands.

As stated in ADEDY’s announcement, “Unifying the voice of civil servants with workers in the private sector to demand with a general general strike:

Uncover the real perpetrators of the Tempe crime and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Privatization, commercialization and stopping the operation of public services with private economic criteria, stop considering the security of work and life as a cost”.

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