December 7, 2022

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A new version of The Witcher is coming with Unreal Engine 5

At the official unveiling of one of her future projects, she continued Projekt RED CD as announced by remake From Ole Witcher.

This is the project with the code name ‘Big Canis’, which he presented last month and we now know him as The Witcher Remake Who develops from scratch with his strength Unreal Engine 5. So, in terms of the visual field, we will definitely be dealing with a purely next-generation experience and guaranteed advanced graphics.

Behind the development of the first remake of the Witcher is also Polish fools theory, which consists of veteran developers and executives from the The Witcher franchise. As CDPR mentions in the official announcement, the new version is being developed Still in its early stages.

CD Projekt emphasizes, of course, in its announcement that it is too early to talk more about The Witcher Remake. However, he wants to make sure that it will be made from scratch with utmost care and attention to detail, so he is asking for fans’ patience for more news about the project.

We should also mention that it is developed by CD Projekt RED Witcher 4 where It will be the start of a new trilogyOne The witcher molasses deluge portable game Under the name “Project Sirius”,attended project“Which will be something completely new that transcends the worlds of the Witcher and Cyberpunk and that’s it Sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.

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