October 1, 2023

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A second fairytale wedding is coming up for Demetrius and Anna

A second fairytale wedding is coming up for Demetrius and Anna

Demetrius and Anna may have been forced into the first marriage, but the second marriage will bring a lot of smiles to the heroes of the series “Trapped”. As it seems, this inseparable duo will be able to keep the interest of viewers undiminished.

Very soon, in addition to intense action and suspense, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the romantic scenes between spouses. Anna and Demetrius will manage to overcome obstacles and officially announce their relationship.

According to information from Youfly.com, a second marriage will take place, this time not civil and not forced. The two may break up several times, but in the end their love will prevail.

Anna will succeed in forgiving Demetrius, separating him from his family. The truth of Cosmas’ death will come to light and everyone will realize that it was not Theodores who killed him, but his friend.

Once these matters are dealt with and the truth shining, Demetrius will find the courage to make a request to his beloved. Dimitris and Anna’s wedding will take place as usual, with Anna wearing her wedding dress and guests celebrating with the newlyweds from the “Trapped” series.

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