June 3, 2023

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A woman found out her stepfather was stalking her on OnlyFans

The OnlyFans model made a shocking discovery when she realized her best customer was her stepfather.

According to the New York Post, the woman, who lives in Australia and posts on TikTok under the name Ta1laaa, shared a video on Tuesday on the platform, revealing that “Her mother’s marriage was ruinedAfter realizing that her stepfather spent nearly $2,000 in two months for her content on OnlyFans, while he asked her for private videos, without of course revealing his identity.

In a now viral TikTok video, the girl explains how he followed her from the start, bought every content she uploaded and talked every single day. At some point, the platform informed her that the specified user, based on the information she provided, was also in her phone contacts. She narrowed the number of “suspects” down to six, one of whom was her stepfather: “I went with my instincts and sent a message to the peer’s profile, writing:”I know who you areWithin two minutes I got a text from my stepfather saying: “Hello, can we talk?“».

@ta1laaa Do we need part 2??? #fup #diffuse #scandal #drama #tea ♬ original sound – Tai 🖤

This man has been her stepfather since she was eleven years old. He denies everything to his friends, while her mother promptly kicks him out of the house: “But yeah, if you want to talk about the family trauma, my stepfather watched me have sex with my partner for two months.”

The girl has uploaded several videos to TikTok, talking about her experiences, which have racked up millions of views.

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