May 30, 2023

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Accident in Switzerland: Several injured as two trains derail

accident with two The train derailed It left many people injured and happened in his province on Friday afternoon (31/3). BernAs announced Swiss police and cemented the regional rail network.

Police in the canton of Bern confirmed the two operations (a few tens of kilometers apart) on a local website NZZBut theirs rails Not clear yet.

However, it is believed that the accidents may have been caused by strong winds in the area.

The first train derailed at about 16:30 (local time), between Lucerne and Biel, and the second train derailed at Büren zum Hof ​​about 20 minutes later. In the first accident, reports said at least four people were injured, one of them critically.

According to the fire service, the “Aare Seeland mobil” train derailed near the Lüscherz BE station, injuring three passengers in the front carriage and the driver.

Several ambulances and fire brigades were called to the area, while rescue operations have now ended and only efforts to remove the derailed train continue.

The railway line has been temporarily stopped and buses are being used to serve the passengers.

According to the cantonal police in Bern, more passengers were injured in the second derailment in the municipality of “Buren zum Hof”. Rescue teams are at the scene, the train derailed and fell into farmland.

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