February 6, 2023

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Accuracy, high inflation and “heroism” in electricity prices

The Consumer Price Index remains at high levels, while Greece for the 17th day in a row ranks first in wholesale electricity prices in Europe.

With ominous economic omens (but also…data) the new year began, essentially continuing in the same trajectory as the previous year, dominated by the continuous rise in prices of services and products.

To be precise, therefore, from which households and businesses suffered for several months, it became known that inflation in our country It formed again at high levels in December 2022It was 7.6% from 8.8% last November. Despite the slight improvement in these prices, they are still not very favorable for consumers, at a time when projections for the future show that a significant improvement in the situation is not expected before 2024. It is even worth noting that inflation for December 2021 closed at 4. 4%.

At the same time, our country continues … the championship in the wholesale price of electricity, for the 17th day in a row we have the first place in all of Europe. It is noted that countries such as Spain and Portugal have almost half the wholesale price of electricity (104 euros per megawatt-hour) compared to our country (207 euros per megawatt-hour). Italy is the country after Greece, with a rate of 174 euros per MWh.

It is reported that the extremely exorbitant wholesale prices of electricity in our country, compared to the very low, even negative prices in other European countries in recent weeks, reveal the speculative games that continue in the field of energy (read more here: “… Christmas miracle in the electricity market»).

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Feedback and fire

As accuracy continues in “Deep Red”, an all-out attack by the opposition towards the Mitsotakis government for the policies it pursues is to be expected. Among other things, it accuses the government of providing benefits – “mocking” citizens and trying to guarantee excess profits to the interests of big corporations.

Indicative is the joint statement of Evi Ahcioglu (Syriza-BS Finance Department) and Alexis Haritsis (Development and Investment Department), in which it is emphasized that the “enduring precision” and government choices “strain citizens”.

As highlighted among others, for a year and a half now, when the precision crisis has brought households and businesses to their knees, the government has been insisting on the same dead end approach and socially unfair policy: subsidizing cartel outrageous profits and measures that not only do not comfort citizens but fuel new prices. high levels of basic foodstuffs, energy and fuel. And all this at a time when our country is registering one negative after another. At the highest wholesale price of electricity and the highest price of petrol in all of Europe.

According to the joint statement of Syriza executives, “This is not a failure or an administrative shortcoming. The Mitsotakis government has made clear policy choices: guaranteeing super profits to the interests of big corporations and ‘mock’ benefits to citizens. Political change now to end injustice and put society back on its feet.” .

On the same wavelength, notes Sokratis Familos, who made his post on Twitter: “For the 17th day in a row, Greece is the most expensive in wholesale electricity prices in Europe. Energy cartel speculation and #Mitsotakis_profit continues! Another negative first at the expense of the consumer and the national economy!”.

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