December 4, 2022

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Adonis Georgiadis / Panic after wiretapping list – blames Tsipras

Adonis Georgiadis said that Alexis Tsipras is responsible for justifying the government

The list may include all government officials named monitoring Maximos remained silent from the palace, but Adonis Georgiadis found the courage to break his silence and come out to talk about the wiretapping, because both his own name and that of his wife Evgenias Manolito are on the list published today by Documento newspaper. .

Where can you expect him to be – if not clearly irritated – at least angry that he is being monitored by the government he ministers to, he turns his arrows elsewhere, blaming the exposé newspaper and Alexis Tsipras. .

“It gives me a terrible feeling that even serious people are sitting down and dealing with this publication,” he first commented on the publication, then tried to defend the Prime Minister, “I read all of our Prime Ministers, who were said to be looking at me. Hatsitakis, my wife, Mrs. Marina Patoulis. Mr. Mitsotakis has another There’s no work, and he sits around all day doing nothing but listening to Eugenia, Marina and Poppy on the phone.”

In fact, he characterized the statement as “ridiculous”, while in an attempt to justify the unnecessary, he blamed both Syriza and Alexis Tsipras, saying, “Tsipras is responsible, because Vakshevanis has not only done this. They are dragging the country into the mire and the mud. They are destroying the country because of their desire to return to positions of power. They push through mud and mud.

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In fact, he referred to the case of Christos Spirtzis, who denounced the attempt to track him down, through which Mr. He said the ultimate goal was to track down Tsipras. Adonis tried to draw a similar parallel, saying that “it would be tempting if someone said they were looking at me to see Mitsotakis”, with his panic to justify the government’s apparent presence.

Always loyal to the Prime Minister’s face, at least publicly, Adonis Georgiadis said, “The image that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spends even a second of his precious time on this nonsense is absolutely ridiculous, there are no documents. , but zero”.