February 8, 2023

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“He wants to go back to Europe,” Cisse reminds – he has good tactics. The player who was at the top of Jose Boto’s transfer list and was almost shut down by Thessaloniki FC, is also a major concern for the federation. What happens with Nottingham transfers?

EckPAOK: Looks like its topic is still open Vitao In favor of Al-Ittihad, who belongs to Shakhtar Donetsk and played on loan at Internazionale, although he previously also worked in Thessaloniki.

Jose Boto was the one who took it Vitao At Shakhtar, he maintains excellent contact with him, and a report from Thessaloniki said Dikephalos had been waiting for the go-ahead from UEFA, on whether he had the right to proceed with his transfer last spring – due to the war in Ukraine, he could leave

In the end, his transfer did not move to Thessaloniki and last summer he was in the news Eck. But who hasn’t signed with him either. Now, reports suggest there is renewed interest in his case, even though he is on loan from Shakhtar to Inter Milan for the yellow-and-black outfit.

The price of the football stock is still high (6 million euros), he is an international player with the small national teams of Brazil, and the athlete contacted Giannis Dozgos, a journalist who knows football in Brazil well, to find out more.

“He wants Europe,” Sisi recalls. “He has tactics and carries the ball.”

And last summer it was checked before EckIn general, I understood that he wanted to come to Europe again. In Internacional he was a key player, having played 31 matches, and in Sudamericana he was a key player in everything. He started his career at Palmeiras as a kid at Shakhtar. Because he spent a whole season at Inter Milan, they are trying to bring him back to Europe.Al-Saleh said in his original comment and added:

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“He reminds Sisi and Olympiacos. He’s relatively tall, knows how to play regularly, has a tactical understanding, can carry the ball if needed, and he’s gotten stronger, but now he’s laid down.”

With Vedas in XI – such as Socrates and Papastathopoulos – or Danilo in Olympiacos

Who will she fit in at the age of 11? Eck;

“With Vida it would fit, because it’s like Socrates and Doi at Olympiacos, that one has the experience and the other does the dirty work. But I see him more than that being borrowed, taken as a back-up, and in the summer to decide whether to take him over or not.” “.

Can he play another position?

“Early in his career he also played as a defensive midfielder, but in recent years he has been more stable as a blocking keeper. He is well known in managerial circles, but if you ask him to come to Eck For six months it will be a good choice. I noticed that they bring people from Brazil to Europe, and since the Ukrainians do not have the financial resources, they are now bringing them to Greece and Turkey.

Like Scarpa in Nottingham?

“the Danilo Nottingham in the same style as Scarpa. They come from Brazil for European teams. Why not come to Olympiacos in the summer; “

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