February 5, 2023

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AEK-Prometheus 73-70: Subdues Patrinus in a match at Leusia

AEK did not make a mistake in the final attack of Prometheus, Kolbuka and Kwan missed three pointers to tie the match and the “Union” celebrated a 73-70 victory.

The Eck And the Prometheus Patras He produced a match full of emotion and turnarounds in the final, which was decided by three big shots FraserAnd the McGriff And his wonderful appearance Mitchell.

As far as it is concerned Prometheus where Jo Young lost to injury In the first attack of the match, Patrino claimed victory until the end Lyusya in his first appearance Yannis Christopoulos On Edge of the bench, however, she attempted impressive three-pointers Kolbuka And the kwan for the sake of the equation They did not find a target in the last attack.

So Union came out with a 73-70 victory and improved their record to 4-1 at home before the decisive game against Reggio Emilia for BCL (7/12).


match in Lyusya It started in the worst way for him Prometheus Patras Ago Yannis Christopoulos I saw him Joe Young To leave with a left leg injury at just 22″! America’s 20.5 dpi top scorer Basketball League He tried to finish the stage with a hard effort, but he crashed into it Achilles Mitchell And he walked out of the rest of the fight. Meanwhile, the two teams broke… 6m.75 behind in the first half, Getting a total of 0/12 from three throws: 0/4 Eck and 0/8 Prometheus!

“Al-Ittihad” finished the quarter-finals in favor of 15-11, going 6/9 on two throws against Patrinos who, although he pulled down 4 offensive rebounds, could not find a rhythm in offense. then Janice Strelnix He hit the first three-pointer of the game after the initial 0/15 for both teams, making it 22-17 in 14′. yes madsen Scored in favor of AEK’s +7 (27-20) but o Prometheus He found solutions to attack with him Arnoldas Kolbukabringing the match up with him Dangobic (27-27).

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However, his team Elias Kenzoris Withstood the pressure of the guests and headed to the locker room with an advantage of 34-31. The sequel belongs to Kolbuka who carried it Prometheus in the third quarter. After his 36-31 McGriffHowever, the Lithuanian forward scored 11 of the next 14 Achaean points, scoring 3 to make it 41-45 at 25 minutes and forcing Kanzouris to call a timeout! The visitors held the lead and his improbable three-pointer Vassilis Morato Behind center made it 55-56 which ended the third period.

The two teams took turns to score with Mitchell To finish the stage with an impressive 65-60 nail, to impress her world Eck in Lyusya. a Condit It fell to 67-66, however, as their three throws came back to back Fraser And the McGriff They increased the lead to +7 (73-66, 38 min). With the score at 73-70 and his missed shot FraserPrometheus was the final attack. his players Kanzouri Did foul, and Kolbuka And the kwan They missed a triple pointer and the “Union” celebrated the great victory.

The ten minutes: 15-11, 34-31, 55-56, 73-70.

Where was the match judged: Prometheus Patron forced AEK and Condit reduced the score to 67-66, but two consecutive three-pointers by Fraser and McGriff raised the difference to +7 for “Union”, who did not make a mistake in the last attack of the guests and in the end … was justified.

the best player in the world: Akil Mitchell was pivotal for AEK as he had 14 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Also Tim Frazier 13 points and 8 assists.

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Unbroken hero: Madsen made the difference in the first half, finishing with 14 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

The weak link: Anthony Cowan was on 2/8 shots from the field (1/4 double, 1/4 triple) while committing 4 fouls in the 25 minutes he was on the court.

Match statsThe difference in assists: (25-14)

Match fact: Yang’s injury in the first attack of the match.

GAZZETTA suspension: AEK … survived the great match against Prometheus Patras, scored big shots in the final and satiated with confidence before the decisive match against Reggio Emilia. For the guests, Kulboka’s impressive performance (22 points, 4/8 triples, 6 rebounds) failed.