December 4, 2023

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“AEK shirt is heavier now, OPAP apron acoustics is 60K”

“AEK shirt is heavier now, OPAP apron acoustics is 60K”

Former AEK Cypriot striker, Giorgos Savvidis, was one of 23 footballers of the glorious past who was honored by the federation and spoke to SPORT24 about what he experienced at the opening of the OPAP Arena and what he is expected to bring to the yellow and yellow. black.

The Eck Returned to New Philadelphia with festive events to open it OPAP Square Friday (30/9) and now awaits the first match with him ionic In her new home for its sixth season Premier League.

The yellow and black club honored its history in different ways when opening its new stadium, Honoring 23 of the most prominent personalities who wore the yellow and black shirt One of them is his former Cypriot striker, Giorgos Savvids, who made statements to Sports 24After the festivities are over.

Congratulations to everyone who went to the opening of the OPAP Arena, the AEK jersey was saddled with the new stadium

Giorgos Savvidis believes that everyone who was “present” on that historic night should feel blessed. His history is very long and no matter what “royalty” one finds himself in this game, he should feel very proud of what he has experienced. At the same time confirmed

Those who came here today are blessed. I’m not just referring to the players who took to the field, but to everyone else. Blessed describes everything, and no other word can describe it more. The atmosphere was incredible“.

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Giorgos Savidis with Thomas Tsovaras, SPORT24 Editor

Giorgos Savidis with Thomas Tsovaras, SPORT24 Editor
Sports 24

OPAP Arena offers yellow and black quiver weapons, but at the same time the responsibilities are also increasing. “The new stadium is the standard that will show how many players can stand with an AEK team. The AEK jersey will be very heavy after this stadium, as the demands are now increasing. You have to put up with lifting it and that will show who can do it along the way.“.

They have nothing to do with stadiums alone, as in other areas they have similarities. As a stadium, they differ first of all in the sound of the stadium which sounds as if there are a lot of other fans inside, as if there are 60,000.

That’s how I tried it. This is an incredible “dope” for gamers. That is why from today, in order to play in AEK, he will wear a heavier shirt and have to lift it“.

The 61-year-old former striker wore the AEK jersey for five years (1987-1992), made 145 appearances and scored 39 goals, and celebrated winning two championships (1991 and 1992), before returning to Omonia to end his career in Cyprus. .

Broadcasting from OPAP Arena for the historic opening of AEK: