November 29, 2022

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AEK: The numbers confirm the length of Vida’s absence

Domagoi Vida’s injury is a huge blow to AEK’s defensive function in the first round conclusion.

her majestic look Eck in the game with him BAOK Highlight the competitive characteristics he is beginning to convey Matthias Almeida on his players, but it also caused … a headache before the last leg of the first round. listen to his name Dumague Vida.

The Croatian defender suffered a contusion to the adductor muscle It is very doubtful whether he will be able to pull the Etihad shirt again in another match before the break. If that happens, he’ll be in the derby with him Olympic In the last round, something that there are a lot of reservations about, whether because of his condition or his participation in world Cup with his national team.

And if the next Wednesday’s match with OFI in OPAP Square, the problem is not that great, and the same cannot be said of the other two that exist, before and after. On Sunday night, Al Ittihad is hosted by Astera Tripoliwhile one week after Olympiacos in “Georgios Karaiskakis‘, in two dangerous exits away from New Philadelphia.

Therefore, in them, Matthias Almeida There is a serious possibility that he will make his team without one of the most important gears. Something also confirmed by the numbers that highlight how important the 33-year-old tamper is…

He is the footballer with the most minutes of participation in the league this year, with a total of 941 For his own account, with Sergio Araujo to follow up with him 892.

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Also, according to its official statistics Premier LeagueShe is the second in thefts, after… I wrote 29 So far, while Damien Szymanski is the first with 39 And the Sergio Araujo third with 26.

Finally, it is the first in operations to have 21 so far, while o Mukodi He is second with 17 matches, but has played 4 fewer matches.

We remind you that at least for the matches in and with Tripoli OFI Who will surely miss, will claim his place in the eleven Tzavilas And the Mitoglo.