July 7, 2022

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After 30 years of activity, the daily newspaper “Liberté” will cease to be published

After 30 years of activity, the daily newspaper "Liberté" will cease to be published

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Algerian businessman and owner freedom, It was officially announced by Issad Rebrab on Wednesday, April 6th, during a general meeting. In question, according to the majority of shareholders, economic reasons and lack of profitability.

He was due to celebrate his thirtieth birthday in June. But the next April 14 edition will already be the last. Newspaper freedom Closes in a week.

Editor-in-chief Hassan Wali was stunned by closing the newspaper. ” It is incomprehensible, it is hopeless. It’s 30 years of struggle, struggle, and freedoms erased in a second ‘, sorry.

Founded in 1992, at the beginning of the Civil War, freedom He always defended an editorial line critical of political authority, even if it meant inconvenience, as happened recently, when Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune accused the newspaper of “ demoralizes Algerians After an article on the food shortage that threatens the country.

The economic motive is not convincing

The reasons for the closure remain a mystery. One thing is for sure, the economic motive does not convince. ” There is no financial difficulty. The newspaper is not rich, but it is not in bankruptcy Says Hassan Wali.

But, unofficially, owner Issad Rebrab is preparing for retirement, according to Karim Benamar, a journalist at freedom. “ He’s 78, he’s tired. It seems that the businessman wants to arrange his affairs before bequeathing it to his children “, trust.

There are still political reasons: the authorities regularly bother her, The richest Algerian man imprisoned in 2019 to commit a financial crime. According to other editorial reporters, he was going to seek to exercise caution by getting rid of his daily newspaper, which is slightly critical of the government.

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