May 30, 2023

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Agrinio: A new “calvary” for the parents of 14-year-old Gabriel – what happened after the funeral

The heartbroken parents of 14-year-old Gavriel, who was tragically injured after falling off his bike and hitting a rock on a rural road in Gipseli, Akrinos, Etolokarnania, are trying to cope with the loss of their only son.

The burial of the 14-year-old took place in Albania, the birthplace of their parents, however, they have lived in the village of Kipseli for 20 years.

After a family tragedy, they are now called to face another unpleasant situation.

According to his information Acrinioprus, Father of 14-year-old boy faces trouble entering Greece Unlike his wife who can enter the country normally. The couple has been working in the Kipseli area where they live for many years. After all, Gavriel was also born and raised there.

“At this difficult stage, the couple needs each other. The woman is forced to return to Greece to work, or to stay with her husband in Albania, where they have no place to stay or work. This problem must be solved,” says the head of Gipseli Stratos Iliadis. He appeals to competent services to deal with the situation with understanding and humanity, so that the couple can return to Greece and continue their lives in the village.

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