February 7, 2023

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Alba-Real Madrid 77-84: Struggling to stay top

Real Madrid came victorious through Berlin, defeating Alba with a score of 84-77 in the 19th round of the Euroleague.

the Real Madrid He struggled, but got what he wanted in Berlin. victory over Alba (84-77), which gave it the right to stay on top after the end of the first “Devil’s Week” of 2023.

The Spanish team relied on Dozen Musa (15 pages) and to them Fabian CouserAnd Mario Hizonia (from 11 am), but it was Sergio Jol who decided that definitively.

the Alba I saw him Galen Smith to score 22 points with three shots of 5/11, while o Tamir Platt He had 12 points and Luke Sikma had 7 points and 6 rebounds.

the match

Both teams had an even series with the same points (9-0). This basically defined the first half. Real Madrid, with its own plan, made a huge progression to win.

Alba was able to reduce the competition and remain in the competition for the match that will keep them at the top of the standings after the end of the “Devil’s Week”.

Real was controlling the match. He managed to take a 23-12 lead, with two consecutive 3-pointers Sergio Rodriguez And Fabian Kocer, but also thanks to his acumen Mario Hizonia.

And there she did her line. The score became 35-14 and in Alba’s ranks it sounded…a wake-up call.

Germany’s 9-0 lead raised their lead to 9 (39-30) and a little later on the same level (42-33), by TRUE He brings it back to +13 (46-33) with a 1/2 hanja shot.

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Special mention in the first half for Real Madrid’s three-pointers 7/15.

Alba persistence

Alba was persistent in the second half, too. She patiently waited for her chance. It came in the form of Jonas Matisek and a well-placed three-pointer that made it 57-51!

Two stages later, despite his mistake on goal Yabosellthe Germans shouted again that they are here: three more pointers from Tamir Plat and 60-54!
At the start of the fourth period, Alba managed to reduce the score to five (66-61) and then to the basket (66-64) with another 3-pointer by Platt (3/6 at that point).

Moses gave his team a break Chose Mateo With five consecutive points (71-64). After two minutes… of revenge, Jalen Smith made the solution with another three-pointer for 71-67.

Same pattern repeat itself. The “dead” period with losing attacks, but this time Real Madrid was the lucky one. twice. Hanga index, Tavares index and 75-67 index.

by a difference of 10 (77-67) s Sikma Alba hit its fourth straight 3-pointer to make it 77-70. With 1:10 left on the clock and while Alba narrowed to 5 points (79-74), the Sergio Yule He did what he knew best. He broke through the defense and made it 81-74 with a layup shot. In the next step, he changed the method, but not the efficiency. Three pointers and the score was 84-74 with 39 seconds left.

the Galen Smith He bought time for Alba with an error on goal (84-77), but the home team had neither the time nor the solutions to end the surprise.

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Where was the match judgedOn his five consecutive points Yule making the score 84-74 from 79-74.

the best player: the Dozen Musa With 15 points at 22:40.

the invisible champions: the Eddie Tavares He had 6 points, 11 rebounds, and an o Sergio Yule Five points (but very critical.

“weak link”: abuntus s Lammers It’s 13:53 on Earth.

Match statsAlba hat-trick 14/34 (41.2%), Real 39 rebounds and 13 offensive tackles.

What happened in the first round: the TRUE He won with a score of 90-72, and also got the second victory, but there is no doubt about the final tie.

GAZZETTA suspension: Real knows how to win these matches. He has the solutions and this was also seen in Berlin. Alba has improved 100% from their negative losing streak, and still needs something to turn these matches around as well.

contracts: 12-25, 35-46, 69-66, 77-84

Alba - actual stats