June 1, 2023

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Alert in Turkey regarding toxic substances released after deadly earthquakes – “three million people will get sick”

in turkeyArranged scholars express their fears of a secondary catastrophe after the killers earthquakes That hit the country and Syria last February, destroying entire cities and killing thousands of people.

According to research revealed by Reuters news agency, Asbestos, silica, mercury and lead are among the thousands of toxic substances released by earthquakes that threaten public health.

Experts assert that a “secondary catastrophe” from toxic pollution can be more serious than the earthquakes themselves, causing serious health problems for the residents of the regions. Either in the present or in the future.

Reuters spoke to dozens of health professionals and environmental experts, who said massive amounts of dust emitted from demolished buildings carry toxins underground, polluting people, plants and livestock, threatening public health for years to come.

Asbestos, silica, mercury and lead are among the thousands of toxins released by the February earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Some experts say this “secondary catastrophe” of toxic pollution could be more serious than the earthquakes themselves https://t.co/YFubOanLZP pic.twitter.com/JyLa8OOS5i

Reuters May 11, 2023

Three million will get sick

The United Nations has estimated that the disaster created at least 10 times more debris than the last major Turkish earthquake in 1999.

People in many places rushed to clear rubble from the mountains and dumped the contents of buildings indiscriminately, according to eyewitness reports and images from TV channels.

“In an optimistic estimate, I would say 3 million people will get sick.”Said Mehmet Sekhmus Ansari, a civil engineer and president of the Association of Asbestos Melting Experts in Turkey.

Turkey’s Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry, Health Ministry and Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) did not respond to Reuters requests for comment on the news report.

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