February 5, 2023

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Alexandra Palaeologus on the loss of her child: “The pain is so great that I did not expect it”

“I always had a feeling that some prince would come on a white horse. I was very romantic and when you’re romantic you go down a little bit,” Alexandra Paleologu admits.

He was a guest on Who’s in the Morning Alexandra Paleolog. The well-known actress spoke to Betty Magira and Dimitris Macalia and mentioned, among other things, her personal life, her career on television and the unfortunate pregnancy she had at the age of 42.

“I always had the feeling that some prince would come on a white horse. I was very romantic, and when you’re romantic, you go down a little bit. Two divorces are considered failures, but a good or bad marriage can be seen in the end,” Alexandra Paleologu declares and adds: “If you’ve kept Have a good relationship with your partner, it was a good marriage,” and revealed that she maintains excellent relations with her ex-husbands.

And in a related question from Bettys Magyra, the actress also answered about losing the baby girl she gave birth to while pregnant, when she was 42 years old. “This happens to many women. It’s a subject that hurts you unbearably. The pain is so great, I didn’t expect it,” admits Alexandra Paleologu, while admitting that the possibility of adoption also crossed her mind, but because of the burden and professional uncertainty, she didn’t dare.

At another point in the interview, the actress referenced her TV years in the 1990s. “I did some episodes in one of the first Ant1 series, in ‘Shadow of Money’ and there Nikos Voskolos saw me and took me to Lampsey. Then Lampsey got 70% viewership. You’ll be in one episode and the next day you’ll come out and everyone will know you.”

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