May 30, 2023

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Alfa Romeo is bringing the MiTo successor in 2024

the Alfa Romeo It has entered a new era of well, submission – Admittedly – very successful Tonale And Resuscitation of Julia and Stelvio. These moves They updated the range of Italianswhich from 2024 will start to get and New additions.

The first of these is meReturns the Italian brand to the supermini segment It will essentially be its successor me toowhich was very successful in the early years of its life and had a great influence especially in Greece. Of course, it will not have its shape Three-door hatchback who have retired before About 5 years ago, but she will “grow up”, Move to a category B-SUV. will feature b Renewed design And electrified a personality.

It may not be the name of the new form me too. the Alfa Romeo His name is expected to be announced before the end of the year. What is known will be his Compact personalitybecause its length will not exceed 4,2 m. Body shape is based on philosophy Crossing, with Sporty design.

Based on the available information, the sports figure is expected It “continues” indoors, too And no To be equipped with Large touch screens, as the company will not do so. the equipment panel She will remain in her classic position behind the wheel, with analog tools to come back.

As for its mechanical parts, it will get done Third form which will be based on STLA mini platform Ha excellentwho supports Gasoline, hybrid and pure electric Motors. More specifically, technology 48 volt MHEV Will be available, as will New 1.2-liter engine with 136 hpwhile electric motors will come from Jeep Avenger.

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It will be the new model Zero pollution first From the Italian model will be provided High levels of comfort, without losing its sporting properties. After all, this is what distinguishes her creations Alfa Romeo.

According to the company’s CEO, Learn Jean-PhilippeMore details about the model will be revealed before the end of 2023with his offspring me too To reach the European market June 2024.