February 5, 2023

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Alfalfa Still Has Audrey Linger Affair in ‘The Frame’


Audrig Linger celebrates the goal with Slavia
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Panathinaikos is still considering the case of Audrey Lenger to strengthen their midfield, but it is not the only move they will make in the current transfer market.

Entering the last week (f) of this year’s winter transfer window, o Panathinaikos He has now begun “making” his discussions with key targets set in order to move forward at least a couple of moves, which will live on and make his midfield unpredictable again and give more options to Ivan Jovanovic, given that the roster seems to be at its… limits now.

In the foreground is the acquisition of the main flank, as the “greens” focused on a football player who plays on Spanish courts and has already progressed noticeably. To the point where a transfer seems to be a matter of days, as long as some odd terms are finalized in the discussions with the team for which said winger plays.

From there, in ‘Alfalfa’ they keep the case of the Czech international midfielder, Audrey Linger Slavia Prague. As a second (additional) diversion the player will be able to play in all attack positions, in order to provide additional quality options in creation and execution, as it is now clear that there is a problem.

Czech publication On Monday (23/1) it was reported that the Slavia administration is no longer in the process of releasing the 24-year-old, but reports indicate that the case has not only been “abandoned”, but remains “active”. There are still discussions.

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Apart from the financial aspect, as the claims of the Czech team have decreased significantly, another negotiation issue concerns the highest resale rate claimed by Slavia. But there is a willingness on the part of Panathinaikos to pursue the issue further, and to work on other issues in parallel.

for example That Cowley Oliveirafrom Ludogorets, who reports on Monday (23/1) from Bulgaria that a new round of discussions between the two clubs has opened…