October 1, 2023

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All-Star Survivor: Takis Yasar and Bartzis celebrate

All-Star Survivor: Takis Yasar and Bartzis celebrate

All-Star Survivor: Takis left the game and Nikos Partzis made no secret of his joy.

In the past, it is Takis Karagounias from Survivor All-Star After first enjoying the communication award won by his team and having dinner with his daughter and fellow nominees and teammates Milena Metaxas And Konstantinos Vassalos to stay in A survival reality show from SKAI.

when George Llanos Pronounced the name of Karagunia sp Nikos Partzis yell to celebrate force it George Llanos To respect the “holy” day. A day when all the players had the opportunity to see their relatives who traveled there Saint Dominic.

the feelings that felt survivors When they saw their loved ones was the main topic of conversation in her circle Thursday (1/6). No one slept on the night of his brief encounter with his side, as the Reds took the lead after the first two games on the call prize and the Blues hoped for an upset.

the Milena Metaxas She did not recover after meeting her father, while Takis Karagounias showed his determination to do everything for the victory.

“We will break our legs for victory, there is no other choice” said the 49-year-old mercenary Who can’t forget to hug his daughter Rafaelia after so many months.

the fighters They gathered in the hut and opened a conversation and agreed that there was no excuse for defeat, explaining their intention to give 100% of their capabilities Wins.

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