December 5, 2023

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Angela Bassett “cut” when she lost to Jamie Lee Curtis

Angela Bassett “cut” when she lost to Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis was undoubtedly one of the faces of the night at the Academy Awards. Not only because she won the Supporting Actress award but on the one hand for her shocking role and on the other hand for how Angela Bassett (also nominated) reacted when she heard the ad!

Jamie Lee Curtis is nominated for her role as a tax collector in the film Everything is everywhere at once And she managed what her parents couldn’t: winning. In the same category, Angela Bassett is also nominated for her performance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But he didn’t take it well…

Of course, losing is never easy. Somehow, Angela Bassett “froze” when she heard the name Jamie Lee Curtis and her reaction was seen by the entire world watching the Oscars…

64-year-old Angela Bassett, who a few weeks ago won a Golden Globe, was likely to give Marvel her first Oscar. But in the end, it was won by co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, in her first nomination.

At the moment of the announcement as Jamie Lee Curtis and her “Everything Everywhere Everywhere” co-star Stephanie Hsu gleefully shouted and everyone clapped, Angela Bassett was speechless.

Of course, her reaction went viral and was commented on on Twitter and beyond.

It was commented very negatively, with many commenting that being defeated is a part of life and she had to pay tribute to Lee Curtis as well as her fans who rushed to her defense asserting that she is an amazing actress (which she is) and deserves an Oscar.

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