December 4, 2022

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Angela Demetriou gave a presentation from J2US At Home with MEGA

Angela Demetriou found herself in a double television screen on Saturday night.

Whatever it was one more night at J2US and besides Pavlos Stamatopoulos, Angela Demetriou He wanted to say a good word at home with MEGA’s guest, Rola Coromelas. The cause of Antipas, with whom the lady of folk song has a long personal relationship.

Thus, during the musical evening on Megalo Kanali, a short clip starring Angela Demetriou was shown on TV. “Rola, my love, good evening. I know you have Antipas as a guest today and I want to talk about him, I wish him success in everything he does and of course you who know how much I love you.”

“We’ve worked with Antipas several times. Our first collaboration in many years was Antipas and Papadopoulo’s Pizza and Carusakis. Then Antipas and I collaborated at Lido, then at Can Can and then at Posidonio. We had a very nice time with Antipas as we were hanging out, and I thank him So much from the bottom of my heart that he loves me and I love him so much. What else can I say: One Antipas! Do you love me?’ Angela Demetriou pointed out Antipas at home for MEGA with Rolla Coromelas on Saturday night.

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