April 1, 2023

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Angeliki Nicololi: “The dead demand justice” – an unprecedented outburst for Tempe

“There in Death Valley in Tempe, three days ago, the state’s indifference, indifference, ‘nepotism’, cheap bribery and responsible decision-makers were not caught.”

Angeliki Nicololi began Light in the Tunnel with the tragic incident in Tempe and did not hesitate to hide her anger.

What happened made all of Greece sad, sad for the young people who decided to leave for a few days and have fun.

Anglican Nicololi broke out about the tragedy in Tempe

“Good evening. An entire nation mourns the 57 dead. For the young men who, while planning their lives, did not have time to live it. They could not fly with their wings because someone cut them off. An entire nation demands, demands that all the guilty be proven and punished. It waits to see what will happen by deeds, not In big words.

And the world is waiting to see what will be done so that we do not repeat such crimes again, so that we do not mourn the many dead. There in Death Valley, my friends in Tempe, Three days ago, government indifference, indifference, “nepotism,” cheap bribery, and responsible leaders have yet to be caught. They were summoned by the dead there. They are required to be held accountable to justice. This is what we are waiting to see. Aside from the stationmaster, who else would have the responsibility? said the announcer.

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