September 29, 2023

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Anger on Twitter because of the replacement of an actor in the series

Anger on Twitter because of the replacement of an actor in the series

ANT1’s new comedy series titled “Who is Papadopoulos?”, it garnered impressions, which elicited positive comments from viewers watching it.

But fans of the series had a big surprise in the last episode, in which one of the main characters was replaced.

More specifically, the role of Alexandros Papadopoulos is now being performed Konstantinos Georgiopoulos not the Nikos Seymour Statopoulos.

Specific and sudden change, as it turned out, did not please viewers, as a result of which the hashtag of the series reached the first positions of trends on Twitter. Many users wondered why the actor had changed, while there were not a few who expressed strong dissatisfaction. Of course, there was also another point of view, as many fans of the series believed that others should not react aggressively, since the new actor is not to blame for anything because of the presence of negative comments.

Here are some of the tweets:

The starting point of the series

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Life is full of surprises and unexpected. However, some surprises and unexpected things turn things upside down, to the point where the situation is out of our control. This also happens in “Who Papadopoulos?”

In the ANT1 comedy series, entanglements start from… the protagonists’ genitals. 16 years ago, due to a synonym, two children are confused in the maternity ward and grow up with the wrong family. 16 years later, when the error is revealed, a wealthy aristocrat Papadopoulos will have to host poor Papadopoulos in his mansion for the sake of their children.

How will this forced coexistence of two families of two completely different social classes be intertwined with a gap in economic status?

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