December 2, 2023

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Announcing a foldable phone – Artificial Intelligence in Research (VID)

Announcing a foldable phone – Artificial Intelligence in Research (VID)

never I/Oits annual conference Google to programmersin Mountain View, California, where the American giant is mainly showing the results of the previous year’s business.

this year, They were rewarded with new tools, Advanced software and of course a lot more artificial intelligence.

Google has made important announcements about artificial intelligence. First, it was announced that AI will now be able to make it easier for users to compose emails through the Gmail app. In particular, Google will integrate so-called “creative” artificial intelligence into Gmail to help with this Rapid expansion of emailsby name “Help me write”. The company will combine settings to make the generated text larger or smaller and use context from previous messages to help create the copy.

It said “Just type in the prompt what you want, hit create, and a complete draft will appear” CEO of Google Sudar Pichai.

Google is bringing productivity AI capabilities to search with a new product called “the talk”. It will be able to aggregate search results from different queries, though it’s unclear which users will have access to it or when it will be released. It’s part of a new effort called the Generative Research Experiment, or SGE. It will be available to its users labs In the “coming weeks” and users will be able to access it by clicking on the Labs icon in the app Google Or in the desktop version of Google Chrome.

(foldable) phones with (artificial) intelligence

the Android phones They’ll soon be able to rely on Google’s creative AI technology to create custom wallpapers based on prompts and suggestions. The product will arrive this fall and will make a variety of claims. By summer, Android will have the advantage, too “create”.

Among the announced tools, it definitely stands out google pixel fold, The company’s first foldable phone, pre-orders start today in the United States and are valued at $1,799.

according to Google It is about more The thinnest foldable on the marketwith Dual battery and slim camera lens.

When the device is fully unlocked it will unlock It has a screen diagonal of 7.6 inches.

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