February 7, 2023

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Another small death… | Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis wonders if Panathinaikos still has a pulse to keep its head out of the winter waves.

Resigned to defeat and surprised whenever he sees his chance to win slip into his lap, and Panathinaikos I kicked another counterattack And he returns to Athens with a yellow stamp in his passportAs he has been doing for the past few years.

How many of those cheap wins if this team had rudimentary training? We will never know and certainly no Green Babylonian will ever explain it to us.

Romantics will open the old DVD drawer to watch the 2002 final and weep on past glories. Not this current Advantages worthy of then Kinder, who Ginobili, Smoudis, Rigondo and Yarichbut at least Her old ghosts gave her fans a smile.

Panathinaikos of the night did it Toko Sengilea To look twenty-five years old and I helped him Milos Teodosik To play the last five minutes taken from his youth. We better not compare the itch of 2023 to the itch of 2002, because we’re going to catch fire.

Panathinaikos in the first half Panathinaikos was classic in the first half. “I wonder how much worse he’d look if he didn’t have a coach at all,” I remember writing as I read the scoreboard 25-11. At least he’s waiting to wake up Dwayne Baconwas the footnote.

But the American in Bologna had the attitude of a man ready to give up and go on vacation: a UFO in a group full of UFOs. The first time the Greens came close, at 43-35, o Cured meat He made two errant passes at the feet of his teammates and an unsportsmanlike foul, his third, that benched him for an extended period.

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suddenly Panathinaikos became at home in his hands Nate Waltersimproved in defense with the forgotten gregones next to dowryI found it again Papajiani He didn’t ask for anything but 1-2 assists to feel like a basketball player, not a camper, in short, he became a regular of the basketball team.

The defensive five called to play in the five minutes 27′-33′ (with for me And Judites on the ground) added muscle to the equation and overtook Panathinaikos, three points from pole, with seven minutes left in the final. Then the thing happened that made his followers tremble.

Methodology was forgotten on the bench, logic gave way to the irrational, What was mercilessly demolished And Panathinaikos fell under the wheels, like an animal blinded by headlights. Immediately after the timeout, o Sergio Scarillo The ball handler ordered to double with two of the “triple three” (Lundberg, Cordinier) and cut off half of an opponent who is back on the ground with a single trigger.

The next two drives, by Bacon and Walters, came with no passes. The next day, Bonnetka was afraid of his own shadow and missed a layup. Lee made a three-on-one because he didn’t wait for Bacon’s pass. Papagiannis tried to catch the ball with his buttered fingers, when the American finally passed it right. Gudaitis took a shot as if he were throwing a grenade. Bacon shot the dog again.

Eight possessions in the trash, Hair pulling failure. Until you look up to see the result, the rest Teodosic (absolutely untested on defense) had managed 14-0 and the Italians were disappearing over the Tuscan skyline. There is no argument for arbitration this time to reassure the people…

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“We have to fight from the first minute and not chase the opponent in every game and give every ounce of energy,” he said. Matthews Bonnetka after the match. His words sound like rants until the 50th, but on an 8-man team there are no starters and reserves.

Aside from its incoherent coaching identity, Panathinaikos is forced to carry players who only play offense, only defense or nothing at all. For example, the damage caused by his weakness is incalculable Derek Williams to oppose it Singlea in the first minutes.

the gregones He seemed to be improving, but he also caught 4 critical errors, costing 3 points and 2 assists. The result is sad, I wrote 64. Sixty-four points on 22/58 shooting and 14 fouls. The Greek nucleus was almost entirely decommissioned. Where does this organization get its optimism?

In the end, he said, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” BoskovichHelp Dejan Radonic. But the counter showed seven defeats in the last eight matches and a bitter picture. Are we sure the patient is still breathing?