December 5, 2023

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Antetokounmpo: Harel and Ladder woke up on…the weird side of Giannis

Antetokounmpo: Harel and Ladder woke up on…the weird side of Giannis

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been tied in the Bucks’ last 8 games, tying Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s streak. The Journal by InStat takes a detailed look at what has been achieved during this time.

Not even a month has passed since November 18th. The dollars defeated by them SixExpress in Philadelphia with 110-102 In a game marked by what happened after the end of the confrontation with him Montreal Harrell but also …the ladder set by the home team In order not to carry out shots S John Antikonmo.

The Greek Freak is looking for obstacles in its career so far. He looks for them and sees them as challenges so he can get over them. Something similar happened with their mind games SixExpress.

in that match, Antitokonmo Shooting is 15/4 and 25 points. Few are not, but both times best player In the past one of the league leaders is not enough. The Giannis Since then he’s been running or rather…running, because he hasn’t dropped less than 30 points in any of the next eight games, Including 40 against the Lakers.

Which brings him face to face with history, as S Kareem Abdul-Jabbar He achieved something similar in the past. The Bucks legend stopped a 16-game winning streak with 30-plus points, while his second-longest streak is back at him again with 8, now by his side. Antitokonmo, After 35 against the KingsWho wants to “break it” in the wee hours of Saturday vs Doncic.

Antetokounmpo has scored in their last 8 matches

  • Blazer: 37 points, 16/23 2p, 0/1 3p, 5/12b.
  • bulls: 36 points, 15/25 2p, 0/2 3p, 6/9b.
  • Cavaliers: 38 points, 11/17 2p, 2/3 3p, 10/14b.
  • Mavericks: 30 points, 11/17 2p, 0/2 3p, 8/10b.
  • Nix: 37 points, 11/17 2p, 2/8 3p, 11/8b.
  • Lakers40 points, 16/20 2p, 0/3 3p, 8/11b.
  • Charm: 34 points, 9/17 2p, 2/4 3p, 8/11b.
  • Kings: 35 points, 10/17 2p, 2/2 3p, 9/10b.
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Giannis’ great numbers and points for each possession

It is the fact that Montreal Harrell The Beast has awakened. The Antitokonmo He really exploded and has an informal competition with himself about how far he can go. Maybe look at his numbers too TatumYou enter into an informal confrontation best player with him.

The Greek freak In the last 8 games he has 35.9 points, with a false 1.33 per possession and 32% on three points, 70.8% on shots. In fact, the latter figure would be much higher if there weren’t a 41.7% smear at the base of this octave with Blazer. Overall, however, he performed with 66.1% True Shooting over the period, along with 9.6 rebounds and 5.9 assists.

The only drawback in these appearances for him Antitokonmowhich produces better numbers than the first best player His season, he is three points off the top, with only 3/14 as shown by inst.

Antetokounmpo shot chart in the last 8 matches

A real monster who does not stop once he looks at the basket, oh John At least one point per acquisition must appear in the nine scoring categories as seen in inst. Truly incredible numbers, which show that he puts the ball and his opponents in the basket in any way he wants.

Points per possession with performance => 1

  • Transition: 1.36
  • ISO: 1.18
  • Offensive rebound: 1.47
  • Driving: 1.23
  • Pick n’ Roll operator: 1
  • Pickup Roller: 1.08
  • Cuts: 1.27
  • Behind the scenes: 1.5
  • Delivery: 1.4

Especially for iso or drives along with pick n’ rolls ie five-on-five situations, his numbers are terrifying and as usual, No Defense has the antidote to stop all of these in one package.

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with his presence holiday but also its fusion little by little Middleton in a game dollarsthe East has become a two-person race, since Celtics They have no intention of stopping, which makes the match between them all the more important birthday.

Of course, the best thing about the whole league is that there is no other challenge ahead JohnBecause one ladder was enough to show his… weird side.