February 6, 2023

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Anti-Syriza front and political crooks

During the case of MEP Eva Kailis, we heard SYRIZA leader Dimitris Sanakopoulos refer to the anti-SYRIZA front as “political crooks or ordinary crooks who flirt with the extreme right”. agendaā€¯, while at the same time portraying them as modernizers, democrats and moderates.

But since, as the popular saying goes, they don’t talk about the rope in the hangman’s house, the accusations of political swindlers seem to have returned to him and other leading political workers of the official opposition. In the event of eviction from the auctioned flat, investigations into private loans, bank loans, auctions and finance continued.

It’s a question that keeps the anti-Syriza front alive, along with similar interventions by the official opposition. Daily exposes SYRIZA’s efforts by sharing false beliefs, skillfully presenting false facts, and subjecting those who remember the actions of the recent SYRIZA government path to a lobotomy.

So who are the political crooks Dimitris Sanakopoulos refers to?

Are they political frauds or not, who promised a third recapitalization of formal banks during the Tsipras-Kammenos government in 2015 to solve the bad debt problem?

Whether they are political frauds or not, they are now condemning the fund, which five years ago was legalized by law to provide legal aid and legal action on behalf of debt management companies. Credits under management?

In 2017, when Euclid Chagalodo argued that e-auctions are important not only for keeping good banks, but also for developmental and social reasons, are they or are they not political frauds protesting auctions today? Dimitris Marta’s Mouth Did ND Officials Legislate to Protect First Homes from Auctions?

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Again in 2017, through the mouth of the Finance Minister of the day, are the political fraudsters today worried about the possibility of borrowers buying bad loans from banks at that fund purchase price or not? The Tsipras government revealed – Kammenu would not ask our borrowers to offer their borrowers the option to buy their loans at the price the funds want to buy back, because it doesn’t make sense?

When they were a government in 2017 and brought in an amendment to formal prosecutions and automated processes for those who obstruct e-auction, are they political scoundrels who are working against e-auction today or not? And who is blocking the bidding? Former SYRIZA officials sacked in 2015.

So with them as enemies, the anti-Syriza front is active. The anti-Syriza front helped keep Greece on the European path in the past, and today it daily exposes the political hypocrites who make the ignorant, the virgins and the uncontaminated, after co-governing with the far right.