June 3, 2023

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Apocalypse Militaire: The government is preparing to lock down press websites on June 25th

The site made a serious complaint army According to what he claims, the government is preparing censorship committees for Greek websites. Specifically, as revealed by the website that also raises heated questions, a State Department official claims – in writing – that “the government’s main concern that will arise after 6/25 is to shut down all Greek sites (and, of course, the defense sector) that carry out ruthless pro-Russian propaganda.” .

Who will rule this is not written by the executive branch of the State Department.

for the army To reasonably ask some questions, such as how does the State Department executive know that the “preoccupation of the next government,” which is likely to be Mitsotakis’ government, is to put a lock on press websites? Are there such thoughts and is he aware of them? Are his personal opinions? However, how can he serve in the State Department and publicly endorse such views?

• Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias – whom we criticized for other reasons – is on the brink of moderation politics. This is not in doubt. The leadership of the State Department was informed late at night by Military.gram of the views of its CEO. We reckon Mr. Dendias and his staff will explain what’s going on.

• Is it true that the designated executive has re-engaged in his written comments? The State Department leadership was not informed at the time or simply gave him a second chance.

Militare finally notes that it expects some reaction from ESIEA but also from fellow TV stations, especially premium ones. “To be disturbed by the attacks against a free press cannot be done on a case-by-case basis, for then we discredit ourselves—even more—in the eyes of the world! Its … the clown. Isn’t it?”, the site concludes

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