December 7, 2022

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Apple: The new feature of iOS 16.2 was discovered ahead of its time! (Photo)

according to 9to5MacThe apple It looks like he’s working on a whole new feature for Iphone And the IPAD which he callsCustom Access ModeThe first details are found in its beta version iOS 16.2 For developers, the new feature provides an improved, more customizable way of using.

Once this feature is enabled, all users will be able to set different things on their device, such as bigger text, huge icons on the home screen, specific contacts on the home screen, access to simpler messages and wallpaper icon instead of using gestures etc.

Check out the pictures below:

9to5Mac says that this feature is “hidden” inside iOS 16.2 and isn’t something that beta users can use at the moment, which could indicate it might arrive at a later time. Apple has not yet responded.

Basically, the custom accessibility mode makes using the iPhone simpler, which could be useful for thousands of users.

iOS 16: Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer

The iPhone 15 series is set to arrive in a year from now (roughly), but the rumors about these phones have already started. but, urgent Here, you will learn 7 features that may be coming to iPhone 15.

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