September 29, 2023

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Apple’s trade-in program faces criticism for ‘poor’ reviews – Apple

Apple’s trade-in program faces criticism for ‘poor’ reviews – Apple

Apple has come under fire online for its “poor” offers for users interested in buying one of the new MacBook Pros and Mac Minis by trading in their old computers.

In a tweet, David Imel of the MKBHD team tweeted that Apple is only offering him a $970 swap credit for a Mac Pro configuration that Apple is still selling for $52,199. The viral tweet sparked a debate among Twitter users regarding Apple’s trade-in program. “This is a slap in the face,” said one user. “Exchanges with Apple have always been bullshit,” said another.

On Reddit, users are also betting on sharing their past experiences with Apple’s trade-in program and the “low value” they receive from the company if they give away their Mac. “My base model M1 Pro is trading for $725. 63.7% drop in value in just one generation. One Reddit user said. On the other hand, another user shared how Apple gave him $700 last year for a 2016 MacBook he was relying on. On an Intel processor.” Last year, I got $700 off a 2016 i7 using Apple’s trade-in program. I wasn’t expecting to get anything for this computer. I used it to buy the M1 Pro. Depreciation was only 60% in 6 years for a machine that is basically at the end of its life, so very good. It seems Apple doesn’t really need Apple Silicon Macs, so the price is much lower,” he says, among other things.

in his forum Mac rumorsUsers also share their thoughts on the Apple Exchange Program for Macs after the new models are released. One user reported that Apple offered him the same price of $970 for the 14-inch MacBook Pro M1, while a third was offered nearly $1,100.

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The balance of an Apple replacement for an older Mac depends on a number of factors, including its configuration and condition. On its website, Apple provides a list of estimated exchange prices for the Mac line, stating as low as $670 for the MacBook Pro and up to $1,250 for the Mac Pro.

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