October 1, 2023

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Ard al-Zaytoun: “We will get married the day after tomorrow”

Ard al-Zaytoun: “We will get married the day after tomorrow”

Lycurgus in the “Land of Olives” preaches the good news to Haidus and has already begun to make the necessary preparations.

From “brother-in-law” to common son-in-law, Lycurgus

While Lykourgos is at Poti’s café, Areti enters and finds the opportunity to talk to her. As he tells her not to put children between her relationship with Stathis, she becomes annoyed with him and calls him a son-in-law, telling him that everyone is talking about him and he should be ashamed. “You decide to point fingers at me and teach me a lesson! Who; you; at your age, have entered Haydos’s house as a son-in-law and the whole village is talking about you… Instead of being ashamed, you are already showing off. Look at your processions and leave me alone,” she said. He takes her words seriously, especially since the description of “brother-in-law” offended him.

So when Haido returns home to the “Land of Olives,” Lykourgos tells her that they are getting married here and now, and she tries to find out which wedding he’s talking about. Go ahead, tell her the ad is already in the newspaper. “Do you think you’ll carry her on her shoulders and I’ll forget? Or do you think we’ll get married any time soon?” he tells her and goes on. “The ad is already in the paper. We’ll get married the day after tomorrow,” and then she replied happily that if she wanted, the wedding could take place the next day too.

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