February 8, 2023

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Are we living in a computer simulation and can we hack it?

A man opens his palms and offers another person a red and blue pill while saying, “Choose.” If he takes the second first he will learn that his life is one simulation from a machine Artificial intelligenceWhile with the second option will remain ignorant.

This image is familiar to millions of people, because it is taken from the movie The Matrix, but for some it is partly reality. Especially after the release of the Wachowski brothers’ movie, the theory that the world may be a computer simulation has evolved, and has gained ground in recent years.

As I mentioned The New York Timesthe David Anderson, a computer professor and mathematician at the University of California, when the lockdown was implemented found time to investigate the above theory. In fact, he went one step further and The theoretical part was deliberately taken for granted.

Think how? If the universe was a well written calculusand then Some interference in the codethere is a possibility Changing the laws of physics or adding new features, such as the ability to literally see one’s past.

So, together with his mate Wertimer, D.;They staged one A seminar to find hackers who “know the truth” and can manipulate the codewhich they named Unisym for the needs of the experiment. At the same time, they asked their students to submit applications with their wishes.

“death stare”

David Anderson reported that Given the validity of the theory, the hack will not affect the real world, but will be applied in a parallel universe. As he notes, this would be because any change to the core of the universe would cause it to collapse, while modifying the software would require a lot of computational engineering.

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As a prime example to support his claim, he puts forward “Death stare“, any The ability to look at and automatically burn the offending driver with a powerful laser.

“It’s a safe bet someone will give me the ‘death look’ in a day or two. Any such order would have to spawn a new universe, for obvious reasonsHe said characteristically.

The professor mentions it so far No evidence has been shown that life is a simulation on a computer. However, he does not lose courage and continues, while asking people to send requests, with one essential condition. Be careful what you ask for, because if your wish is granted, that doesn’t mean it can be reversed…at least in your world.