June 2, 2023

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Are You The One Season 6: Updates on Couples who are still together

“Are You The One”  is a dating reality show which is packed with a lot of interesting factors and the Are You The One shows are initiated by the MTV . In this shows totally there will 22 contestants  which is 11 male contestants, and 11 female contestants.

All the contestants meet each other without knowing anything about them, and then they have to build relationships with each other to find their perfect pair which is the main concept of this show.

After the completion of every episode the couple should go to the Truth Booth in order to find their resemblance. In Truth Booth, if the contestants voted the wrong answer about their pair, then for each wrong answer the prize value will decrease. And thats the main concept of the show, this is what made the past five seasons successful and also that’s what made season 6 successfully streaming on Netflix.

Update after Season 6

After Season 6 lots of pairs are not together the only pair who got together is Clinton Moxam and Uche Nwosu eventually got married in the year 2021, and there is no updates so far regarding the reunion,

Is Are you the one season 6 is streaming on Netflix?

Yes you heard it right!, Initially Are You The One season streams on MTV. However, season 6 is streaming on Netflix.  This move of releasing Are You The One season on Netflix, makes the show gain more popularity among the people, and also get a good response

Are you the one Season 9 Updates

So fat the Season 9 got renewed by Lighthearted Entertainment earlier last year and it looks the Are you the one Season 9 release date might be on january 2023

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What happening on Are you the one season 6 ?

Are You The One Season 6 was really very interesting while comparing to all other seasons? Yes, the contestants in season 6 did not to get a correct pairing for the first eight weeks.

As their hopes faded out, but fortunately contestants get their first pair’s on the ninth week. However, as the remaining contestants continued coupling up, Now the fans are eagerly waiting to know what happened post-filming. Let’s take a look at how it ended up.

‘Are You the One?’ Season 6 Pairs

1 Nicole Spiller And Tyler Colon

Yes,  Nicole Spiller and Tyler Colon was the first perfect pair. Anyway they don’t have an interest to develop their relationship further. So they declined to date each other.

2 Geles Rodriguez And Clinton Moxam

Geles Rodriguez and Clinton Moxam are most favorite contestant and their love story so cute in Are You The One Season 6. Even though the Truth Booth doesn’t pair them, but they secretly date each other.

3 Nurys Mateo And Dimitri Valentin

At first,  Nurys and Dimitri doesn’t have a good relationship and it’s very hard to start over. Nurys and Dimitri did not make a great finish.

4 Alexis Eddy And Anthony Martin

Alexis Eddy and Anthony Martin pair not able to make continue their relationship due to Alexis Eddy’s sudden death. This make a great disappoint among the audience.

5 Audrey Diaz and David Shad

Audrey Diaz and David Shad are romantic pair in the Are You The One Season 6. Anyway the pair no longer  together and now both them doing modelling professional.

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