February 6, 2023

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Ark of the World: Father Antonio’s paycheck remains the same for eight years

o No withdrawal from salary account Father Antonios Over the past eight years, as seen from data with the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, “”The ark of the worldยป.

As it emerged and according to ERT’s information, Mr Account Since no outflow was observed from it, it remained the same, and according to the same data, a total of 120,000 euros was detected in this particular account during this period.

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The numbers are staggering

Meanwhile, the first data from the investigations show deposits of 12.5 million euros in the accounts of “Kivotos do Cosmos”, while it was established that the NGO has 200 properties.

At the same time, five individual and joint accounts of Father Antonio and the elder have been frozen, with deposits of more than 250,000 euros, and the authorities are looking at whether these sums were justified by their activities and whether they existed. declared.

The Anti-Money Laundering Authority froze the personal accounts of Father Antonio and the elder and priest’s parents in all the country’s credit institutions, on the order of the Honorable Deputy Prosecutor, the head of the authority. Supreme Court, Charalambos Vourliotis.

According to the same information, the accounts in question were frozen in order to control but also to avoid possible moves, while the identified “Givotos” company accounts were not frozen that could cause operational problems.

He deposited half a million euros

At the same time, senior Stamatia Giorgantis rushed to empty his two safe deposit boxes – a safe deposit box at a bank – just hours before he was to be punished by the board of directors of “Kivotos”.

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Three days later, on Thursday, November 24, he deposited 500,000 euros into the “Kivotos do Cosmos” bank account.

There are enough questions about this deposit because Ms. Giorgantis is no longer a member of the NGO’s board of directors, while he did not clarify where the money was hidden.

Now, the financial police will be asked to check the route of this money to determine whether it is a legitimate transaction or the product of a donation.