December 3, 2022

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Ark of the World: Father Antonio’s traveling companion – profile of the old man and support after complaints

The Panhellenic is shocked by the complaints that have come to light about her The ark of the world.

Father AntoniosThe founder and initiator of “Kivotos” categorically denies the accusations, which caused a shock, while at the first moment he has the elder by his side, his wife Stamatia Giorgantis.

“We are saddened and saddened by this wave of complaints,” Father Antonios told ERT. I am angry,” he added: “When talking about treatment programs on farms I heard about hard work. We heard that the children were locked up.

“We don’t know anything. “Suddenly, a 25-year-old project is being blamed by everyone without evidence and control”, he asserted and asked for respect, as many children live in the “world ark”.

The elder, the leader of the “Kivotos do Cosmos”, expressed his anger. “The children who made the complaints may have been provoked by some”.

Mega and the “Big Picture” program said the elder

Senior Stamatia Giorgantis spoke on Niki Limberaki’s show a few days ago. He argued, “If Antonios father is the soul of the ark, then the elder is in the shadows. You’re right about the soul of the ark. He really loves what he does. I go along. I try to imitate what he does.” “We constantly saw problems at our doorstep. Each time we looked at the needs of the children we hosted there and tried our own way to meet those needs.

When Niki Limberaki asked the elder “who takes care of their house since they are in the ark all day”, Stamatia Giogantis replied with a smile: “Basically me. Housewives bear everything. After all, I believe that some things are more important than others. So some work at home is a bit Although backward, the world is not broken”, while on the question of “Father Antonios if there is any defect”, he noted: “No, I don’t think so. I think he lost something because he was very involved in his work and very involved with the children.

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Dating and Marriage

The elder Stamatia Giorganti stood wisely at Father Antonio’s side during these years. Like him, she hails from Ceos, and they knew each other before they got into a relationship.

“We knew before marriage. In Chios the neighborhoods are close and the communities are small. Guys, we were playing. We didn’t live nearby, but we had connections to the neighborhood where Father Antonios lived. First we got married and then he became a priest,” he said in 2019 on Tasos Tryfonos’ show Tet a Tet.

“From then on I understood that he had a lot of passion and zeal. He was not one of those “it’s okay to be a priest to be comfortable” priests. He was a good boy from a young age,” the former said in the same interview.

The two married when Father Antonios completed his studies in both the pedagogy and the priestly school. “Then we got married and then I became a priest,” he told Tassos Tryphonos.

Father Antonios and an elder have three children, two 21-year-old twins, Dimitris and Konstantinos, whom they adopted, and 11-year-old Noah.

Father Antonios and priest “Masi so Savvatogriago” and Tatiana Stefanido hosted the program. In fact, at that time, the elder admitted: “Noah grew up here, he got used to it. By the way, he learned to speak from a young age, and at the age of 1-2 his fluency in the tongue impressed everyone. Once, he was about 4 years old, we were in the ark, and a couple had come, After I gave them a tour and showed them the place, they were getting ready to leave, when a little chubby boy came up, took some bottles of water and handed them out to the men.”

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Who is Father Antonio’s wife?

The elder Stamatia Giorgantis was raised in Christian traditions from childhood. He worked for many years in the catechetical work of the church.

He participated in meetings and excursions of Christian student groups and was a group leader and leader at the spiritual house “Alexandros Gialas” camps in Nabi Elias, Timiana. She worked for a while at the radio station of the Church of Chios and since 1998 she has lived in Athens with her husband Fr. Giorgio at Plato’s Academy in Colonos and at the same time was in charge of the church’s youth center.