November 29, 2022

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Artemis 1: Orion sends back pictures of the moon

Orion enters lunar orbit tomorrow – Dec. 1, begins return trip – docks Dec. 11 off San Diego

For 47 minutes… the show hosts’ heart stopped beating Artemis 1 in NASA. For 47 minutes, Orion, close to the Moon, lost its signal. When he finally returned, the space agency’s scientists and technicians… threw away the resuscitator, while receiving a huge gift as “compensation”. Stunning close-ups of the moon…

The Orion I captured close-up shots of the craters dotted across the lunar surface, 81 miles away, while traveling at 5,102 miles per hour. At the time of this trip on November 21, the capsule was 230,000 miles from Earth.

The vehicle is scheduled to fire up its engine on Friday to orbit the moon, and if all goes well, Orion will remain in orbit for the next week before returning to Earth on December 1.

Orion will remain in this orbit for about six days, then reactivate its engines to exit the orbit of Earth’s natural satellite and return “home”. It is scheduled to be launched off the coast of San Diego on December 11th.

Artemis I mission photos were taken on the sixth day, November 21:

the moon

the moon

the moon

the moon


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