December 3, 2022

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Aspasia performs a DNA test on her daughter

A picture of Aspasia in her husband Haydos’s things ignites the fires! News about their relationship becomes known, prompting Aspasia to start thinking about Irene.

Inside, she began to shudder at the thought that this child was not Demosthenes. Her love for Haidu’s husband flared up and the two experienced unique moments years ago.

Is not her only daughter the blood of Demosthenes? To find out, Aspasia is forced to take a DNA test in the land of the Olive Tree. Secretly from everyone, she takes materials from both Demosthenes and her daughter Irene.

Its goal is to see if these two samples are related. If this is not the case, then an endless war is expected to break out in the family … Irene has shown certain behavior that Demosthenes does not approve of.

Aspasia struggles to hide her plan for the DNA test, even from Virtue herself, who never leaves her side, in the land of the olive tree. No one should know the truth about her sinful past…everything is in the balance!

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