February 8, 2023

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Astrological forecasts for all zodiac signs, 12/26

Read it daily weather forecast from your horoscope, by Yannis Rizopoulos

* You want to have one comprehensive picture Today? Also read daily weather forecast for Zodiac sign From Progressive You are.

Aries ♈

the Mars in Gemini He “rushes” to do some things right away, apparently … Read more

Taurus ♉

Today’s “crossword” is for … powerful solutions and I hope you will deal appropriately with … Read more

Gemini ♊

the Mars is in your sign It pushes you to take a dynamic initiative, but nothing will happen … Read more

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Cancer ♋

Mars in Gemini brings to the surface behind-the-scenes moves made at the expense of… Read more


Today is hard for your relationships and partnerships, but problems can… Read more

Virgo ♍

Mars in Gemini indicates a risk that can work for you if it is financial… Read more

Libra ♎

Both your finances and your personal relationships are…a Sunday joy and… Read more

Scorpio ♏

The situation that is taking shape is far from being… normal, with your calmness… Read more

Sagittarius ♐

the Mars is your opposite It indicates intense situations in your relationships or in a partnership and… Read more

Capricorn ♑

At the same time, life forces you to provide solutions to financial problems that arise … Read more

Aquarius ♒

You do not call your day easy, on the contrary, difficulties and upheavals await you, and for sure … Read more

Pisces ♓

Mars in Gemini indicates tensions at home and/or your family, with “at home”… Read more

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