March 23, 2023

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At the top of clean sheets with a career season, in the salary pantheon

It is also assumed that the best season in the career of Odysseus Flachodemus is the fact that the international goalkeeper for Benfica leads the list of the cleanest goalkeepers in the current season, which fully justifies (also) why he was converted by the Lusitania team into one of the best goalkeepers. The highest paid Greek footballers of all time.

Goals are paid. Football market law. But they are not the only people. The one who can and can effectively prevent it is also paid.

Its competitiveness is undeniable Odysseus Flashodemus Doing so has now cemented him among the best goalkeepers in the world, something that presumably goes beyond his image and versatile statistical performances which he was redeemed last week by the official extension of his contract with Benfica until 2027.

Four years time-wise, but five years financially, as his improved salary contract is “in effect” and covers in full, since his inception, the current season as well.

A contract that currently puts him at the top of the best-paid active Greek footballers, in the list of the best-paid players in history (in the top five with Kostas Manolas at Napoli, Kostas Mitroglou at Marseille, Galatasaray and Skratis Papastathopoulos at Arsenal), the highest-paid goalkeeper in Benfica’s history and is Now among the top four salary earners on the current roster for the Lusitania team.

We said that financial reward always follows competitive efficiency. And this from Ody is not only constantly confirmed, but also constantly evolving.

Indicative – apart from the rest – is his performance so far this year in terms of clean sheets, that is, the number of times during this year that he has kept a clean sheet in all competitions, of which (as published in yesterday’s edition of the Portuguese newspaper A ‘ Bola) he scored 23 Once in 42 games, an impressive 54.7%.

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The performance put him at the top of Europe in the relevant category, two clean sheets clear of Barcelona goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Antwerp’s, Jean Betiz. In detail in the following table the top ten best goalkeepers in Europe are reflected in the table.

Odysseus Flachodemus (Benfica): 42 matches / 23 clean sheets

Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona): 36 matches / 21 clean sheets

Jan Betz (Antwerp): 40 matches / 21 clean sheets

David De Gea (Manchester City): 40 matches / 17 clean sheets

Alejandro Remiro (Sociedad): 36 matches / 16 clean sheets

Ivan Providendel (Lazio): 32 games / 16 clean sheets

Joe Hart (Celtic): 39 matches / 16 clean sheets

Mateus (Braga)-: 34 matches / 16 clean sheets

Simon Mignolet (Brugge): 40 matches / 16 clean sheets

Nick Pope (Newcastle): 30 games / 15 clean sheets

A performance set in the meantime already, with no fewer than 12 more appearances to come in the Portuguese league and Champions League, Benfica set new records for the 29-year-old goalkeeper during his spell in Lisbon. In his first season, 2018-19, he had 19 clean sheets in 50 matches (38%), the following season, 2019-20, 18 in 45 (40%), followed by the 2020-21 season, 10 clean sheets in 26 matches ( 38.4%) and last year 18 of 48 (37.5%).