December 4, 2023

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Attack in Paris – Macron: The Kurds are the target of a heinous attack

Attack in Paris – Macron: The Kurds are the target of a heinous attack

the France’s Kurds She was the target of a heinous attack, the president said Emmanuel MacronIn a tweet, after a gunman killed three people in a Kurdish community center in central Paris a few hours ago.

«France’s Kurds have been targeted in a heinous attack in the heart of Paris. Our thoughts are with the victims, the people fighting for their lives, and their families and loved onesMacron said in office.

Battlefield in the French capital
Demonstrations have erupted in Paris since then armed attack By a 69-year-old man with the victims, three members of the Kurdish community. Events broke out in the French capital, where protesters gathered at the scene of the tragedy and clashed with police forces.

Paris is like a battlefield, while dozens of policemen have been injured.

Police forces used tear gas to disperse a crowd of Kurdish demonstrators near a Kurdish cultural center in central Paris, in front of which the attacker killed three people. The events began when the crowd ran into a cordon of security forces protecting French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who arrived at the scene.

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the Security forces fired tear gas at the demonstratorswho in turn threw objects in their direction, burned trash cans and set up barricades.

The three dead are from the Kurdish community

“Frozen” the world community is watching its history Bloody attack in Paris. David Adich, a lawyer for the Kurdish Center where the attack took place, told Reuters that the three dead were members of the local Kurdish community. Earlier, a gunman opened fire on one of them Kurdish cultural center And in a Kurdish café near central Paris, three people were killed and three others were injured.

Prosecutors said they considered a racial motive for the attack.

The moment the 69-year-old girl was arrested

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Judicial sources say that the 69-year-old “was recently released from prison. His case was tried and he was convicted, but he was released after an appeal.”

According to a representative of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, two other people suffered minor injuries, while the attacker was also hit in the face.

Although the 69-year-old perpetrator of the attack in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital was arrested and the weapon with which he spread death was confiscated, the area remains cordoned off.

At the moment it is also being considered whether the case should be described as terrorist in nature and should therefore be taken over by France’s counter-terrorism service.

its goal attacks The 69-year-old was triple according to the mayor of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Shooting They approached a Kurdish cultural center, a restaurant, and a hairdressing salon.

Three dead and several wounded in a shooting incident in central Paris • France 24 English

The 69-year-old man who shot him has French citizenship. Retired from the French Railways Federation (SNCF), where he worked as a driver, and was born in 1953 in Montreux, in the department of Saint-Denis.

Eyewitness He said the 69-year-old stormed into the Kurdish Cultural Center and opened fire before heading to a hair salon. Another eyewitness stated that “people were in a panic and shouting ‘He’s here, he’s here, come’ pointing to the hairdresser”. “I saw people on the ground with leg wounds, I saw blood, people were shocked and panicked,” the same witness added.

“We heard gunshots. We saw people running left and right. Five to six minutes later, we entered a hairdressing salon to save ourselves,” Ali, who was an eyewitness to today’s tragedy in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, told BFMTV.

“Suddenly I saw a man, about 60, shooting blindly in the street. Then we saw the policemen that they had caught a man who was quite large and tall. There were three wounded. They asked me to call the firefighters, and I called the firefighters and the police to tell them there were wounded. He added. Ali, who still can’t believe he is alive, “was shooting blindly.”

In a post on Twitter, the mayor of the French capital thanked the police “for their decisive intervention during the horrific attack” and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.

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